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At Reynolds Maintenance, we have years of experience as an exterior house painting specialist in Melbourne homes.  We understand the importance of first appearances, and it’s imperative to get the look and feel of the outside of your house right.

In Melbourne, a home’s exterior may become neglected due to the high cost of re-painting or replacing weatherboards. Some clients often experiencing issues with exterior repairs failing after only a few years or even months. At Reynolds Maintenance, we provide long-lasting and high-quality exterior house painting, gloss work, weatherboard and timber preparation to ensure your house is protected against all of Melbourne’s weather conditions of four seasons in one day.

Our full range of exterior paint services include:

Why should you invest in the external painting of your house or building?

The exterior of a building is one of the most critical areas. Not only can it dramatically alter the look of your house, but a well painted and maintained exterior is crucial to protecting the external rendering or brickwork or timber so it can withstand all the elements.

What can you expect when painting the exterior of your building project?

First things first, it’s vital to assess the outside of your house or building before we commence any painting work. We can work with you to help to prepare your home for the new look and help choose the perfect colour combination for your external project.

Any work on the exterior of your home is started with a thorough clean to remove any old or flaking paint that could affect the durability and longevity of the new paint.  For your safety and ours, we use vacuum extraction during the scraping and sanding process to ensure all lead-based paint and all other material are removed properly, keeping the worksite a dust free environment.

We follow this up with a quality base, so your house will look as good as, or even better, the day you moved in.

We also recommend painting your window frames with our high-quality gloss work at the same time – the finishing touch to ensure you have the best looking house on the street.

Why choose us for external painting?

Only a highly experienced and qualified professional should be trusted with exterior paint jobs and replacing or painting weatherboards, which is why you should choose Reynolds Maintenance.

Whether you need your house, apartment, or commercial property externally painted, you can rely on a professional and high-quality finish from our professional painters.  Based in and around the Western Suburbs of Seddon, Yarraville, Williamstown and Footscray, we have built a reputation locally and Melbourne-wide.

Reynolds Maintenance and our professional painters are passionate and dedicated to about making sure your exterior paintwork is durable enough to stand the test of time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact us now for a quality finish on your exterior painting services at a reasonable price.

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