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Do you currently have weatherboards in your house that might be rotten and need to be replaced, or maybe they are faded, and the paint is peeling? Reynolds Maintenance can fix your damaged boards and give your exterior house a new lease on life by:

What are weatherboards, and what are the types of weatherboards?

Weatherboards are external cladding used to protect buildings against rain, wind, heat, cold, dust and other environmental factors. They are also known as cladding, siding, fascias, or wall boards. 

With today’s technological advancements, the are many material options for weatherboards, including:

  • timber
  • fibre cement
  • metal
  • vinyl
  • composite timber

Each material has pros and cons, and to ensure you choose the most suitable material for your home, contact an expert like Reynolds Maintenance

There are also two types of weatherboards available – classic weatherboard and shiplap. 

Classic weatherboards are overlapped in a wedge profile, perfect for weather protection, whereas shiplap boards have a tongue and groove join with a flat facing exterior.

Contact Reynolds Maintenance to find out what weatherboards are best for your next house refresh. 

Why are weatherboard homes so popular?

In Melbourne, you can find many period homes all across inner Melbourne and regional areas with weatherboard external walls. Weatherboard homes were introduced into Australia and became popular due to several factors, including affordability, aesthetic appeal, lightweight, weatherproof, and easiness of installation.  

How long do weatherboards last?

The average lifespan of weatherboards can depend on the environment they are exposed to. However, weatherboard houses can start to show signs of wear and tear within ten years. Cracks appearing on your timber weatherboards could indicate the beginning of deterioration. Ignoring this may lead to more severe issues such as water penetration and mould growth. Contact Reynolds Maintenance to get your weatherboards assessed for a quick repair and restoration back to their original state.

Replacing Rotten Weatherboards & Cladding Options, Melbourne, Victoria

It’s essential to act quickly when you do notice any signs of rot or damage in your weatherboards. Rotten weatherboards can seriously damage your home, bringing pests such as mice and cockroaches to enter your property and produce moisture inside your walls, harbouring mould and bacteria.  

How do I know if my weatherboards are rotten?

When checking whether your weatherboards are showing any signs of rot, it’s best to look for the most common symptoms, which are:

  • Check the surface of the timber to see if there are any mould or dark spots, cracks, flaking paint, or rotting. Soft and sagging timber is a sign of rotting. Make sure nothing breaks off.
  • Check the nails in your timber – are these rusty, loose, or missing? Loose nails can expand and contract over time, leaving your weatherboards to sag. Are they holding the timber together correctly, or has it cracked any boards?
  • Water stains around window frames/windows  and doors
  • Damp patches under floor tiles
  • Rotten wood beams or joists

We know it can be difficult to assess your weatherboards or exterior walls for any issues without causing any damage or interfering with their exterior appearance, which is where our experienced specialists at Reynolds Maintenance can help.     

Let Reynolds Maintenance assess your weatherboard damage.

Reynolds Maintenance can assess your weatherboards and talk with you about the type of repairs or upkeep needed to restore the condition of your weatherboards. We will identify if there is any damage and discuss whether any panels, sections or an entire upgrade is required, providing you with the most affordable and effective solution for you that blends in with the current look and feel of your existing home.


Why Choose Us for Weatherboard Repairs?

For quality service and expert weatherboard repairs and replacements in the western suburbs of Melbourne, >get in touch with Reynolds Maintenance.

Not only can we replace your weatherboards affordably, but our >exterior painting is also zero to none. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to rejuvenate your entire house. We also ensure our workers and you are kept healthy with our Festool dust extractors, which remove the dust and any harmful lead paint residue as we work. We are fully insured and experienced experts who produce excellent results.

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